We educate clients on all things related to money.  People come to us from all levels of success seeking to coordinate and integrate their financial life.  “Coordinate” because there’s what feels like hundreds of moving parts across maintaining a bank account all the way to devising a bulletproof investment and retirement strategy. “Integrate”, meaning we want to confirm all individual financial decisions complement and enhance the others. Just since you have all the oars in the water doesn’t mean they’re rowing in the same direction!

For example, investments require an appetite for market volatility and have a myriad of tax implications. Products like life insurance and annuities transfer important risks from you to a larger company and are often difficult to explain and understand. Retirement strategy can feel everywhere from irrelevant to the young, to scary and daunting to those approaching or already there. Add in wills and estate planning, savings and cash flow, and a business (10% of Americans), and now it’s overwhelming.

We exist to convert confusion to an action plan that can be implemented in an easy to follow order, prioritizing those areas at the top of your list. It can’t happen overnight, but we also want to keep the procrastination to a minimum.

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Along the way, you are awarded with a clear investment strategy, an increase in savings and retirement income, insurance planning that is appropriate and specific to you, and an estate plan and legal documents that hit home for your situation.We charge a small fee for up front education and in-depth analysis, a 0.50% asset management fee of the investments we oversee and receive commissions directly from the company for any insurance products you deem appropriate.There is no minimum amount to invest or minimum income required for us to work together.

The process is simple. We start with a discovery conversation over the phone or Zoom to confirm we’re a good fit. Some data is captured about your financial situation, and the development and implementation of your action plan begins. The starting point depends on your priorities. Over time, we continue to capture new data as life inevitably changes, making small to medium tweaks as we discover them together. There is no end. The work is in the journey.