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There are over 300,000 “financial advisors” in the United States. Some focus on life insurance, some focus on investments, some on annuities.Some are tied to one company and promote specific products only for that company. Some make commissions and others charge fees.

Then there are the “unlicensed” financial advisors. Your friends, colleagues, neighbors, news channels and sites, financial entertainers.It’s a lot. So much, that you choose to, 1, figure it out yourself. 2, procrastinate. Or 3, go with someone you know or are introduced to.This last one is how we built our business from nothing, growing only by personal introductions from friends, colleagues, families, and acquaintances.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Many individuals confuse financial planning with investment advice. While investing can and often is a part of asset management.

Investment Planning

While many of us don’t realize it, we are constantly engaged in subconscious acts of investment planning. We plan how we can best invest.

Retirement Planning

Sadly, most people do not think about putting a retirement plan in place, until it’s too late. We get it! It’s easy to put a financial plan.

Estate Planning

For many of our clients, in addition to financial and retirement planning, they have a desire to ensure their estate provides benefits.

Tax Planning

Most don’t realize that there are some high-level financial strategies that they can take advantage of that may help them save a significant.

Insurance Planning

If you’re like most people, buying insurance gives you that feeling of throwing money away. Everything’s going to be OK.

Cash Flow Analysis & Savings Advice

When you engage us in a professional relationship, we can bring this knowledge to the table or your computer.

Exit Planning

When business owners start to think about exiting their companies, the number of possible Exit Paths can seem limitless.

People choose us and introduce us for the following reasons

Information is not the problem. You can search for anything you want and have the answer in real time, anytime. What you need is a filter. A filter of all this information that can be applied to your situation, and your projected future self. This is our specialty. We the filter.

What is optionality? Optionality is present when you’ve used your planning with a foundation to maximize the amount of options in the future. The future is unknown, making planning for the future feel incomplete.By planning for multiple future outcomes.

Certain risks, investing for example, one can afford to retain. Others, like protecting future income, are better transferred to an insurance company. We help you discover which risks to transfer, which to retain, and the most cost-effective way to do it.

If you leave NYC for London, and your course is off by 1 degree north, you may not realize it in the middle of the ocean. You will, however, realize it when you get to the Arctic Circle. Savings and investing habits work the same way. Small shifts over time can create massive shifts decades later.

We do not use fancy charts and graphs to help you take action. We present you with easy arithmetic, filtering the complex into manageable steps. If you can see the numbers, how they were calculated, and it’s easy to understand, you are more likely to act.

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